Tips make shortcut to buzz yahoo on Mac OS X

On Windows system, the shortcut of Ctrl + G in Yahoo!Messenger is used to make a Buzz to your chatting friends.

However, Mac system does not provide you a Buzz button or any shortcut to make a Buzz in Yahoo!Messenger, then it is no way for you to buzz your friend.

This article will help you to create a helpful shortcut to make Buzz when using Yahoo on Mac OS.

Firstly, you need to enter into System Preferences:

Then look at the Keyboard part, choose Keyboard Shortcut tab.

Choose the item Application Shortcut at the bottom.

You press + button to add the shortcuts for application.

In Application, look up the installed Yahoo Messenger application.

In Menu Title, type: Send Buzz

In Keyboard Shortcut box, put the shortcut you want to use to make Buzz (e.g.: Cmd+G) similar to Ctrl+G on Windows

Then press Add.

Now you can try Command + G when chatting to see how it works to buzz your friend ^^!